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Λscendant is a clan playing Destiny 2 on PC. We primarily focus on PvP gameplay, but also spend a fair amount of time on PvE endgame content, like raids and prestige Nightfalls.

Why Λscendant?

Λscendant is a growing, mid-sized clan with a healthy active roster full of people who still enjoy this game. Our goal is to make friends and help others enjoy this game too.

Our members are strong players, but we're not gods. That means that you don't have to be a god to join (but if you are, awesome), but we are not a carry clan.

As space becomes more limited on our roster, we have decided to focus our recruitment efforts on players whose accomplishments reflect the passion for the game we're looking for. Starting in Season 3, Λscendant has implemented base statistical criteria for admission.

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